Guangzhou DreamFuns Amusement Technology was founded in 2012.We are a professional team with a clear orientation and unique product concept after three years of trials and hardships.Now,we are known as a “Professional and Creative Artisan for Carnival Game and Redemption Machines”which is fully recognized by our clients and peers.

DreamFuns Amusement Technology persistently focuses on Project Cooperation, Original Products Research and Development, Agent Processing, making the best-quality products in the market. We test each machine strictly before sending out. No matter where the products sell, domestic or overseas, We give the best after-sales service to every customer. DreamFuns Amusement Technology! Your best partner in China.

Kids experience shops have successfully opened in Pearl River Delta and regions in zhejiang province with help of distinctive machines and successful business model.We cooperate with children’s theme park in chains and real estate developer and help them to plan, organize, open and run a children’s theme park.

DreamFuns Amusement Technology have already prepared for other amazing products in the coming year ! Looking forward to them!

LOUIS LU  Design Director
Favorite Game:Rescue The Diamond

JIN CHAN  General Manager
Favorite Game:Cast N Advance

Favorite Game:Toy Smith

CYBELE QIU  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Basketball Battle

BENSON DEAN  Sales Director
Favorite Game:Triple Shot

JENNY JIANG  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Ins 4 Catcher

YAN LIAN  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Superluck Hunt

SAKURA LI  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Ins 4 Catcher

ROCK SHI  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Colour Mix

ANTON TAN  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Superluck Hunt

THOMAS WANG  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Ins 4 Catcher

MAXINEI  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Superluck Hunt

DON ZENG  Factory Manager
Favorite Game:Ins Mini(Pusher)

SURI CHAN  After-sales Supervisor
Favorite Game:Ins 4 Catcher

QIULING CHENG  Sales Department
Favorite Game:Ins Time

SHUILIAN LIU  Administration department
Favorite Game:Ins 4 Catcher

SIMIN OU  After-sales Department
Favorite Game:Trend Box

ZOEY LIANG  Eric Brother
Favorite Game:Triple Shot

WILLIAM LI  Eric Brother
Favorite Game:Superluck Hunt

WENXIA QIN  Eric Brother
Favorite Game:Triple Shot

WEI XIE  Eric Brother
Favorite Game:Superluck Hunt

JIAMEI XING  Eric Brother
Favorite Game:Ins 4 Catcher